Garage - House - Both

You know the phrase, ‘It’s a bird, it’s a’s Superman”.  Well, how’s this one? “It’s a garage, it’s a living’s both”!  Did you know that the overhead garage door was invented in 1921?  The auto garage door opener followed in 1926 but took 40 more years to catch on and become a more commonly used tool. 

So you already have a garage with your house.  That might suit you fine or it may not.  Perhaps you have hobbies like car collecting, arts and crafts or working out.  Maybe you have  need for an out of house ‘office’ or writing space?   Perhaps you’d like a hobby if only you had the space.  Well, this is your ideal answer.  Is this living space?  Is it car/hobby/playing space?  Yes, to all of that.  This first plan, HPP-25572 is a great idea for so many potentials of wants/needs in your life.  Ready?  Let’s go! 

I know you are already curious to see and imagine this space.  The outside already indicates inside curiosities.  With a sloped roofline and loads of windows for light, it does say “Come in’ doesn’t it.  A large ‘security’ light above your utility/entrance door will provide character, safety and complimentary accent to the building. 

This 2 story ‘house garage’ offers not only plenty of extra parking for 2 cars, but on the main level there is a large storage area for your tools, workbench, lawnmower and/or snowblower .  This great building has an interior staircase up to your 424 sq. feet of heated living space.  

Once you’re inside, your ‘downstairs’ area can support your collection of cars, a boat, lawn care needs or, if you’re inner musician desires, your rockin’ garage band!  The Beatles, Ramones, The Who and Creedence Clearwater Revival are just some very successful bands who got their start in humble garages.  Maybe your group is next? Have fun.  Maybe a karaoke ‘lounge’ is for you?  Maybe you are a clever thinker?  Inventor?  You need space to bring your creations and business to life?  Remember that the likes of huge entities like Apple, AmazonMattelWalt Disney and Google all started in the space of a humble garage.  Up the stairs to the loft/studio space is a full bathroom.  The front wall of this space is 8’ 5” and slopes down the backside to the back wall at a 6’ height.  In between these walls is where more of your imagination lies.  Perhaps it is your home office.  Perhaps it is guest space.  Perhaps you rent it out?  Your ideas, your options abound.  Perhaps the foreign exchange student you’ve thought about hosting would love some privacy here.  No matter your wants, wishes and needs, this place has it all. 

Maybe you want more space than the above option.  Maybe you found a great lot on a mountain or by a lake.  Maybe you need space for your college student to live?  This is a fantastic choice (HPP-27642).  With 881 square feet of space, 2 full baths and a bedroom/living space, this combo house and garage potential could suit your needs well. 

Right away I know you are excited about the potential of this space.  I know you are plotting out your office or fun entertaining space.  This space, with large windows all around, will be full of light or whatever Mother Nature brings each day.  The awesome balcony, accessed from an interior staircase, will be great for sunbathing, sitting on a chaise lawn chair for a nap or reading, having lunch at your cute café-style table and everything else you’d like. 

See? This place has it all!  On your main floor/garage space there is plenty of room for 2 vehicles.  There is a small 10x9 workshop area off your ‘parking space’, a nice full bath and small entry area accessed by a side utility door.  Up the stairs on the right, you’ll find your multi-purpose space and another full bath.  Yes, you can put a kitchen space up here as well as large living room furniture with more room for a dining table.  Walls separate that space creating privacy to a bedroom with closet.  There are 2 small closets for pantry needs and kitchen and towels and sheets for the upstairs bath.  There is room in the upstairs bath for a stackable washer and dryer combo if you wish.  Do you feel relaxed just imagining this space?  It really does ask you to plan and stay.  Hunting/fishing manspace?  Just a little get-a-way from your daily life and not big up-keep commitment?  Here it is.  Don’t forget to install a few carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers .  Imagine the cool jukebox and neon signs you can hang on the main level.  Who needs a diner and club?  Not you.  Your eats and dancing are right here.  I always think that the best parties are the ones we throw ourselves.  Load up Elvis, The Drifters, some fun Benny Goodman and Count Basie.  Add a few great instrumentals for tango, rhumba and salsa dancing – and your ‘night out’ is your best ‘night in’.   

Whether you need more space at home, want a home away from home and keep it easy, these two plans are great choices or springboards to more options.  Que sera sera, enjoy your life and how you spend your time.   Make this your own.  Welcome home.