Meet Stephanie Nelson- A house plans expert

Stephanie Nelson Headshot Stephanie Nelson Steph Nelson is one of the leading women in the house plans industry. As one of the owners of, she's helping our website offer something special. Women are the major decisions makers in buying house plans. Yet, many sites offer plans designed by men. Some of whom, do not take into consideration design features women find appealing.

Her house plans background

Her story is one of opportunity and perseverance. At the young age of four, Steph was adopted into the building trades. Her adopted family developed many major sub-divisions in the state of Arkansas. She literally grew up with home construction, lumberyards, builders, designers and real estate agents. She learned the trades through experience and hard work. In the mid- 1980s, she married a budding designer. Over the years, she worked with hundreds of builders and homeowners to understand what women wanted and the best way for builders to meet those needs. As a result, working with her husband to develop new designs, their design firm became one of the most successful in the nation.

Her passion

According to Steph, her passion is focusing on the trend of "aging in place". With the new economy, people are no longer downsizing as much. They are planning ahead. They are buying house plans with their future needs taken into consideration. Please read our article on aging in place for more details. In the future, Stephanie will be offering tips and insights to help in your purchasing decisions to build your dream house.