Pool House Paradise

Pool House Paradise 

“For the woman who swelters in her kitchen or lolls in a drawing room, for the man who sits half his life in an office chair, an occasional swim does as much good as six months’ vacation. That weary feeling goes away for once, in the cool, quiet water. Tired men and tired women forget that stocks and cakes have fallen.”  
Lynn Sherr, Swim: Why We Love the Water 

Bring your vacation home.  Who doesn’t enjoy the freeing feeling of being in water?   Cool, refreshing, enveloping water.  It feels so good to relax. You'll never have to worry if you forgot to lock the house, turned off the coffee pot or brought the right clothes.  This instant vacation awaits just outside your back door.  When you have a backyard pool, a pool house is a wonderful addition.  Consider this HPP-10349 by the Nelson Design Group, and you’ve now added outdoor living and playing space all in one.  


This space brings 544 square feet of entertaining in a large, columned and covered outdoor area.  This cool cabana pool house beside your watery respite will have you adding an outdoor kitchen, small table and chairs plus hot tub for every season.  Plug in two blenders for chilled, icy drinks on a counterspace next to your grill to elevate your vacation vibes.  Grill some cheeseburgers, blend the margaritas, Jimmy Buffet is calling. Hear the steel drum groove?  Feel a warm breeze?  Smell your coconut tanning oil?  Your vacation is right here.   


Both the covered porch outside and the interior of this space boasts 10 foot ceilings. Upon entry to this pool house, you walk into a large bathroom.  This space is smartly laid out offering privacy for a single sink vanity and commode.  Behind another door in the bathroom is a shower for pre and apres’ pool rinsing.  A bench for towels, a light Summer outfit and your espadrille sandals is right here.  A few hanging hooks, long shelves or a combo of shelves and a cupboard can add a tasteful, practical touch.  How convenient it will be to have your shampoo, soap, sunscreen and towels all in one place. 

Between the shower and sink/commode area is the perfect space for a stacked washer and dryer.  You'll be thankful for the convenience of having outdoor towels for the pool area handy while keeping you and your guests from running in and out of your main house.   Imagine a soft, fluffy towel to envelope yourself in after an invigorating morning swim or relaxing evening float-around on your inflatable pool chair.  From a door on the backside of this pool house, access your pool equipment and supplies.  Keeping your chemicals, treatments and accessories away from the interior bathroom and covered porch is not only esthetically pleasing, it’s safer too. 

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

On the flip side, if you are looking for a pool house that offers more interior living and/or guest space, this is your ideal.  HPP-27645.  This is a much more contemporary look and has more inside functionality than the previous pool house plan.  


While this doesn’t have dedicated porch space, it does have interior living space.  With straight, very clean lines, and plenty of windows, you will bring the outdoors in.  A double door entry, perhaps doors of full panel glass, flanked by 2 large windows or knob-less doors,  will enhance your pool view.  Long, wide widows at the top roofline of this structure add visual interest to both the interior and exterior. 

The interior space is 345 feet of coziness.  You could put a television, comfortable sectional couch and ottoman for comfortable living or for taking shelter if rains fall on your pool time.  Perhaps a full-sized bedroom set, table and chairs and a sideboard is your preference.  Your Nespresso coffee maker would fit nicely on the sideboard and a small fridge can house bottles of water and snacks.  With a great interior and exterior sound system from Bose, Ziggy Marley and The Beach Boys will offer sounds of your own private concert.

Also, in this space is a full bath with shower.  Again, great space for your needs without having to run in and out of your main residence all day long.  Don’t forget to add cabinetry or a furniture piece to hold towels, sun protection essentials and paper/plastic dining needs for snacks and light meals.  This space can be your outdoor respite and provide what you need all day long.  You might consider an intercom system to bridge your home and this pool house for easy communication when you have friends or family visiting. 

A pool house delight, of any size is sure to add pleasure, ease and memories to this game of life we all walk.   Your time.  Your enjoyment.  Make this your own.  Welcome home.